Julia's Public House Wine Bar

The Public House Wine Bar and Shop is on 1102 Main Street in High Point, NC. Whether you just need a place to relax, want to meet new people or share stories with old friends, The Public House welcomes you in and makes you feel right at home. Simple Evening Gatherings, Wine and Food Events, Celebrity Chef events make The Public House Wine Bar in High Point the best kept secret in the area.

Some of our best events are the tantalizing wine tasting and food events hosted by our signature wineries from all over the world. These wineries fly to High Point to showcase their wines and share a glass with our patrons. From the well-known to the hidden secrets, we try to bring the best in the business into our Wine Bar to share their secrets.


Free Parking

Free Wi-Fi

Great Hours



You’ll love spending an afternoon on the front porch or an evening together with the friendliest crowd in High Point. Everyone’s welcome to come and share wine and great stories. Come to relax, come to enjoy.

Award Winning Wine Selection

Gourmet Dining Events

Award winning wine from all over the world and local unique art with a unique twist. Spend a few minutes with Julia Luce and know why
this little shop is the best little secret in High Point!

Treat yourself

Wine Tasting & Wellness

Love spending an afternoon on the front porch with wine, music and friends. Julia, the owner, is always a delight. She accommodates your every need. Best kept secret spot in High Point. Give it a visit. You’ll be glad you did!


“Always fun and welcoming! Love Julia! Our place to meet friends and unwind.” “Unique wines. An outstanding neighborhood wine bar.”
“Always tidy and clean, spacious and newly renovated. Chic décor · Stylish interior · Fun atmosphere · Local hangout · Friendly patrons.”

“What an absolutely wonderful place to be! Appreciated the attention to detail; has a very tranquil atmosphere and into the evening, the laughter is intoxicating; something very special. I would say great for business and for leisure guests…Definitely highly recommend it!!!”

“Outstanding service! Julia went above and beyond! The place is fantastic, clean, well appointed. Excellent location! Quiet, while still in the middle of things. Great place for a romantic glass of wine or an evening meeting new people. The staff and the customers made us feel just like family.”


Have a look at some through our past moments at The Public House Wine Bar in High Point. We host special gatherings, special birthday events, Holiday parties and so much more. Most of all, we host our friends with great wine and food.


When we host an event, we look for fun, educational and thoughtful hosts to showcase new wines, share stories or educate the group on food and wine from a particular region. These gatherings sell out fast so be sure to sign up for our mailing list and stay updated on all the latest and greatest upcoming events.  Learn more and find events here